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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Importance of Mental Health and How Massage Helps

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Importance of Mental Health and How Massage Helps

As the New Year starts everyone is pick different things to work on or change or do differently this year. I'm here to remind you to not forget about your mental health this year.  It's something we all tend to overlook, especially the busier and more stressed we become. We have all heard how we need to relax more, be less stressed, take time to pamper ourselves but when was the last time you really stopped and took care of your mental health?

Science has shown that stress hormones such as Cortisol are detrimental to the body when exposed for long periods of time. It causes inflammation and decreases the ability of the immune system to function thus leading to more dis-ease in the body. When a person is in a constant state of stress not only are they breaking down their body's ability to fend off bacteria and viruses, it also affects sleep, mood, hormone function, and digestion.

As people fascinated with the human body, we here at Symmetry know the dangers of neglecting the body and the mind and have an innate understanding of how intricately the two are connected. We know one of the ways to insure that both your body and mind are being taken care of is through regular massage.

Massage has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Regular massage has the ability to calm down the Central Nervous System by activating the sympathetic nervous response.

Massage also has the ability to increase neurotransmitters that help relieve anxiety as well as decrease the levels of stress hormones. In general, massage therapy can help with hormone balance throughout the body.

As stress levels decrease in the body other physical symptoms related to stress such as joint pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, shoulder tension, and headaches also decrease.  Massage therapy also has been shown to help military veterans suffering from PTSD and those who have experienced trauma.

So do yourself a favor and commit to your mental health this year. Meditate, walk, and get massages!

Trust us, you will reap the benefits for years to come!

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